Veterans Services and Housing in Kansas City

Veterans Services Kansas City
Veterans Services in Kansas City

Empowering veterans through permanent housing and supportive services.


Carl Yonkers
Service Center Host
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Give hope to those who need it most!

St. Michael’s Veterans Center, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that empowers veterans through an array of services,
programs and activities customized to best improve the quality of life of Kansas City’s veterans.  These services encourage the
sustained permanent housing for residents, many of whom are overcoming some of life’s most difficult struggles.  This service
model is couched within a campus community that encourages mutual support.

St. Michael’s Veterans Center is campus on a 24-acre site located at East 39th Street and Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd., just south of
the VA Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri.  This unique campus consists of 117 affordable apartments that offer
permanent housing, a Services Center, a planned Honor Garden and various recreational areas all together that address the needs
of at-risk military veterans.

The development of the St. Michael’s Veterans Center campus represents a great public-private
partnership.  A proven team of private firms and community partners, each of whom had the
experience and dedication to successfully design and complete an undertaking of this scope and
purpose, came together for a single purpose.

City, State and Federal agencies played not just key roles, but indispensable roles in visioning, coordinating,
funding and implementing viable, long range solutions for the unmet needs of those who served in our country’s military.
Susan Engel
Executive Director
Tayammum Falah
Service Center Host
- St. Michael’s Housing Phase I opened in 2014
- St. Michael’s Housing Phase II and Services Center opened in 2016
- St. Michael’s Housing Phase III is planned pending securing public funds
Cindy Taylor
Services Manager

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